It’s Fun to Play Solitaire Games at for Free, You Know!

It's Fun to Play Solitaire Games at

Which of your friends likes and wants to return to nostalgia with classic Solitaire games that you were busy playing a few years ago? Yes, Solitaire is a built-in Microsoft Windows OS game that has existed since Windows 95 to Windows 10, you know. So, the game is automatically there when you install Windows onto the computer you have.

 So, now do you still remember how to play it? You can win this game by playing which requires you to arrange card numbers from big to small with alternating red and black colors. You could say this one game is quite easy to play, especially to just fill your free time.

 Fyi, referring to Wikipedia, Microsoft included this game as part of the Windows product line since Windows 3.0, starting in 1990. Wow, that game took a long time. Are you still interested in playing it? If so, how about trying to play the Solitaire game here with the online version?

Play Solitaire Games at for Free, You Know!


Playing the online version of the Solitaire game doesn’t require you to install it on your computer or other gadgets. All you need is to go straight to the website that provides an online version of this game, namely The most fun thing is that you can freely play without being charged or free.

By the way, playing online solitaire games isn’t just solitaire games, you know. There are several types of favorite games that you can play, namely:


  • Klondike – also known as classic solitaire or simply as solitaire
    • Freecell – the game has 4 free cells where you can temporarily store cards
    • Spider – a game where you can make a royal flush on the tableau to remove cards from the playing field. play 1, 2, or 4 suits.
  • Pyramid – the number of pairs of cards becomes 13, with kings worth 13.
  • Tripeaks – three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card in the discard pile
  • Golf – 35 cards in 7 columns on the tableau with 17 cards in the stockpile. Play in an easy or hard mode where the deck wraps up or not.

 This Solitaire game seems practical and accessible. Even so, you shouldn’t just take it easy, if you don’t know the tricks, you can get dizzy because you can never finish or win an episode, so keep choosing New Game to find an easier one.

Then, what are the ways or tricks to be able to play this Solitaire game? The first thing you have to do is raise an Ace card. Then try to see if there is an upper card that can be lowered, and if there is also a lower card that can be moved, then choose the lower card. What for? To open the closed card behind it.

 You can often lose because many cards are still closed and locked behind. So, try to open all the cards closed behind it by moving the card in front of it to the side if there is space. Then, if there is a card that can be raised to the top right, don’t rush it.

 Just raise 2 cards first, namely Ace and 2. Look at the progress of the card draw at the top left, maybe there is a card needed to reduce the card that was drawn. If it is no longer needed, then the card is raised. That’s about the trick you can use when playing this card game.

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