3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Sense Of Humor

Each zodiac sign knows how to joke, they just do it in their own way. Some prefer irony and sarcasm, others like benevolent jokes, and still others laugh only at situations, not at people. But there are some people who stand out for their ability to joke not only sharply, but also unusually – this is the golden three ✨


May 21 – June 20

The unusual sense of humor of the air sign of the zodiac is that Gemini amuses everything. In general, everything. They do not need a reason to laugh – even show your finger, and they will start laughing loudly, finishing only by the next morning. Gemini is known for their talkativeness, and therefore pungency pours out of them like a cornucopia. And this sign can also pin up others harshly, subtly, and even offensively, but certainly with a smile 🥰


August 23 – September 22

Not to say that Virgos are the best jokers in the world: their practical and perfectionist side finds little funny at all. But if this earth sign is lucky to be born with a sense of humor – dear mother, this is something. Virgos are masters of sarcasm and jokes with an absolutely serious face. In most cases, you will not even understand that Virgo has just joked or humiliated you with a sharp remark. At the same time, their jokes themselves are smart and not for simpletons: Virgos are the place in stand-up 🙌


November 22 – December 21

Fire zodiac sign cues are as sharp as arrows in their quiver – Sagittarius is, without doubt, the funniest and most hilarious zodiac sign. The unusual sense of humor of Streltsov is not only in the fact that they find it funny in any situation, but also that they know how to masterfully convey a joke. The fire sign of the zodiac makes the best storytellers who attract attention at any party: even the story about going to the store Sagittarius will present it so that the audience will roll on the floor laughing 🤣

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Aries – Wolf

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so there is nothing surprising in his desire to always get ahead. This is an ambitious and at the same time a sure sign that always plunges headlong into any problem and is ready to overcome everything on the way to his goal. Aries are fearless and brave – there are not many things in this world that really scare them;) Therefore, a wolf is ideal for them as a Patronus. This is one of the most courageous and intelligent animals, so this is a perfect match.

Taurus – Badger

Taurus’ hallmarks are stubbornness and fervor, and this often leads them to conflicts with others. Although difficult to please, Taurus is extremely loyal to their friends and loved ones and will always defend them fiercely. The Taurus Patronus is a badger because they are similar in many ways. Badgers are aggressive creatures known for being ready to fight any animal, no matter how big 🙂

Gemini – Horse

Gemini is often very difficult to understand, but at the same time, they are one of the most flexible signs that perfectly adapt to any situation. They learn quickly and are quick-witted. They do not like to obey the long-established rules and always try to think outside the box. In general, they are universal guys 🙂 Therefore, a horse is perfect for them as a Patronus – perhaps the most versatile animal ever. For millennia, people have relied on horses for almost everything from transportation and work to therapy, as they are known to have a calming effect on humans.

Cancer – Bear

Cancers are also very difficult to count. On the outside, they usually look serious and even a little intimidating, but on the inside are real cinnamon rolls, sensitive and warm. They are primarily guided by their emotions and usually trust their heart or intuition rather than logical reasoning. One of the most incomprehensible and scary creatures in the animal world is the bear. They are often viewed as cold-blooded killing machines when in reality they simply act on their instincts and defend their territory or their loved ones.

Lion – Deer

Not surprisingly, Harry’s Patronus (he is also a Leo by his zodiac sign) is a deer. Leos are always confident and adore being in the spotlight. They may seem a little arrogant, but this is only at first glance. Overall, it is a very strong, bold, and independent sign. Surprisingly, deer have similar qualities – they are graceful and confident animals that always show off with pleasure in front of others 🙂

Virgo – Elephant

Unlike Gemini, Virgos never rely on chance and prefer to keep everything under control. They are most often guided by logic, not emotions, and generally, usually try not to show their feelings to anyone. Virgos are very intuitive, so they make excellent detectives and researchers. Elephants are gentle giants 🙂 They are emotional creatures, but they will never show it to others. Plus, elephants are some of the smartest creatures.

Libra – Fox

Libra is a lover of silence, nature, and harmony. They are not attracted by large crowds of people, but they love to communicate – just in a narrow circle, preferably with the closest and time-tested friends. The best Patronus for Libra is the fox. These are smart and cunning animals that are able to oppose much stronger opponents, just like the naturally savvy Libra 🙂

Scorpio – Cobra

In Harry Potter, the snakes’ reputation is, frankly, so-so – all thanks to Voldemort. On the one hand, snakes are really dangerous – they attack instantly and can use their venom to fight the enemy. However, they can also be obedient creatures, especially if you know how to handle them. Scorpios are very similar to cobras – yes, they also attack quickly if something suddenly goes wrong. But at the same time, they are soulful guys who most often have really good intentions.

Sagittarius – Cat

Sagittarius are confident guys. They sincerely believe that they can do everything in the world if they want to, and they treat various obstacles on the way philosophically. Like cats, Sagittarius is independent and independent, and playing by someone else’s rules is not their style. But if they need to, they can be the most real cuties and charm others with one glance 🙂

Capricorn – Beaver

Like any earth sign, Capricorn is practical and down to earth. At the same time, he is distinguished by special hard work and responsibility, therefore, he usually succeeds when it comes to his career. Plus, Capricorns are masters of self-control. They are independent and resourceful and always a pleasure to work with. Therefore, a beaver is very suitable for them as a Patronus – a real workhorse 🙂 The beaver is one of the busiest animals in the world, and it is almost impossible to catch him sitting idle.

Aquarius Is An Owl

At first glance, Aquarians are super modest. However, they quickly open up and become the most eccentric and extroverted members of the company 🙂 Vodoleev inspires literally everything around. They are kind, free from prejudice, and are eternally in search of truth, justice, and the meaning of their existence. And if you choose an animal that is just as curious and judicious by nature, then it will definitely be an owl.

Pisces Is A Dog

Pisces are well known for their kind nature and love of life. They are compassionate, intuitive, and overly gullible. People around them feel safe next to them because Pisces is wonderful comforts. Therefore, dogs are ideal for them as a Patronus. This is one of the most wonderful animals in the world 🙂 Dogs are known for doing a lot of different jobs – from the police to therapy – and they are incredibly curious, kind, and loyal to their owners.


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