7 Good Reasons to Be “in Love” With a Cancer

A tenderness that makes you addicted

Inspired by the Moon, his planet, he will fill you with hugs. Sweet, he creates an affectionate cocoon around him. He will love to take care of you daily. Cuddling and pampering you is second nature to him. You will then become his soul mate!

The most considerate of the Zodiac

He thinks of you, he dreams of you and he needs to show it to you. Every day you will be his main concern. Thus, making yourself happy and anticipating your expectations is its raison d’être. Do not resist all his proofs of love!

A child’s soul

Attached to his childhood, his innocence will touch you. He will awaken the protective flame within you. Also, the simplest pleasures suit him. Easy to satisfy, right?

Love of family

Calm and stable, he has all the assets to be the parent of your children. Besides, whether they are his own or not, he adores them. Attentive to their needs, he will take them under his wing. No need for a babysitter anymore: she’s a real “mother hen”. The pillar of your home? It’s him.

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A lightning intuition

Very receptive, Cancer feels and anticipates reactions. Real radar of your feelings, he will understand you at a glance. Without a word, in silence, he guesses you. Follow his advice, he will tell you what is right for you.

The keeper of your secrets

Careful, with unfailing support, he will never betray you. Sensitive, it will always stand by your side. You can count on him to allay your fears and spend hours listening to you. Your problems will be his and he will be careful not to talk about them. Here is your ideal confidant!

A cute artist

His hyper-developed imagination makes him creative. Discreet, he will only show his talents to you. Let yourself be surprised by its fantasy: it’s its bohemian side!

7 Good Reasons to Be “in Love” With a Cancer

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