Each zodiac sign loves differently, but true love also has its own zodiac circle. Once every seven years, we move to the next level, discovering new facets of feelings. Experts talked about each of these periods.

Aries (up to 7 years old)

The first feelings come to us under the sign of Aries. This kind of love takes many forms. Some love only themselves and use the feelings of others to better arrange their lives. Others choose the path of ungrateful sacrifice. And only a part of people is capable of warming love, which evokes bright reciprocal feelings.

Taurus (7-14 years old)

The only age when high love and sensuality are inseparable is the patronage of Taurus. At this age, representatives of all signs choose an object of love, based on its seductiveness and bright appearance. At a more mature age, the energy of Taurus is redirected to work and business and the beauty and s*xuality of a partner fade into the background.

Gemini (14-21 years old)

At this age, people are immersed in an ocean of romantic feelings and emotions. Unlike the energy of Taurus, for Gemini, it is not beauty and s*xuality that are important, but general views, interests, character. In the human soul, passion instantly flares up, which often leads to early marriages. Alas, such alliances are short-lived. If the marriage persists, it cannot be called happy.

Cancer (21-28 years old)

The most reliable marriages are concluded under the auspices of Cancer. Love no longer clouded the mind as it did in adolescence. Representatives of all signs soberly and prudently approach the choice of a life partner. The preserved sensuality, fantasy, and s*xuality can enchant and keep a loved one near them for many years.

Leo (28-35 years old)

Over the years, feelings mature, egoism, and the desire to experiment in love weaken. At this age, under the auspices of Leo, love merges with intuition, a romantic time comes in life. Your head is dizzy with love and passion. Even inveterate egoists can show real care and tenderness, shower a loved one with gifts, and sing serenades under the balcony.

Virgo (35-42 years old)

Under the auspices of Virgos, the most rational approach to creating a family is manifested. The acquired life experience makes it possible to understand what kind of partner is needed and what kind of marriage should be. Representatives of all signs are already ready to have children, be responsible and keep the family hearth. The best at this age will be marriages built on respect for a partner or outright calculation.

Libra (42-49 years old)

People under the influence of the Libra sign are actively looking for their ideal soul mate. Many by this time are married. Those who are bolder actively destroy alliances that were built on violent passion. The true love of one of the partners, or bare calculation. But some do not dare to break the burdensome family shackles.

Scorpio (49-56 years old)

True love comes in the sign of Scorpio in adulthood. Subtle changes occur in the soul, which transforms s*xual energy into magical. It is important to find a person with whom there will be complete harmony in a relationship, but not to cross the line beyond. Which bright feelings turn into all-destructive passions.

Sagittarius (56-63 years old)

Under the sign of Sagittarius, love for a partner spreads throughout the world. Representatives of all signs will be able to understand their earthly destiny through creativity. Earthly affairs, and love for one person. Having found their soul mate, they will open in him all earthly joys. They will learn to perceive the world differently, overcoming their ego.

Capricorn (63-70 years old)

Under the patronage of Capricorn, there is a place in everyone’s life for perfect love, Which resembles the true love of mom and dad for their baby. Representatives of all signs will protect a loved one from problems and wrong actions. Become him reliable support, and, if necessary, a vest for tears. The mission will be joyful and easy.

Aquarius (70-77 years old)

Aquarius promises the best moment to build a strong family and love relationship. At this age, a person is capable of cooperation and friendship, and friendship-true love is always mutual and indestructible. Partners exchange energies, life experiences, and abilities, complementing each other.

Pisces (77-84 years old)

The complete fusion of earthly and heavenly love, the manifestation of warm and warming feelings occurs under the auspices of Pisces. Partners do not seek to change each other, they are just happy to be together. Joy comes from the very heart, which cannot be deceived.

Starting at age 84, the zodiac circle begins anew. From 84 to 91 years – Aries, then Taurus and further along the Zodiac. Do not forget that we talked about the general features inherent in this or that zodiac sign, patronizing love.



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