The Most Arrogant Signs Of The Zodiac

Arrogance hides weakness said Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. Which of the zodiac signs of arrogance is more than others – the stars in the sky and the InStyle editors know about it.


Arrogance is not their strong point – Libra prefers to be on a par with others. The only thing in which this sign tries to be one step higher is conflicts. The position “above the fight” is the signature style of Libra’s behavior, which does not like to occupy one of the sides. But in any case, their restraint and friendly indifference are better than the ridiculous pathos of Leo or the mockery of Aquarius.


Arrogance, as you know, sometimes hides self-doubt. This does not apply to Pisces – they do not know how to hide their weaknesses. In addition, a priori, they treat others well and do not want to hurt someone. However, if you hit them, they will certainly hit back. But they will not be the first to provoke. And Pisces is afraid to look funny, so they don’t risk showing off.


Capricorns are convinced that they can handle everything on their own. They do not accept advice or help, and even if they start drowning, they will flounder themselves to the last. For this sign, it is important not to look: a) mistaken, b) weak. Capricorn knows that it depends on the assessment of others, and hates himself for it. In his heart, he wants to relax and finally stop portraying Superman. And with age, thank God, she decides to go for it.


Aries does not consider himself the best of the best, but, of course, he ranks among the elite. And he chooses equals as partners in life, business, friendship (there are few of them, but, just imagine, they exist). Getting into the circle of trust of Aries is very difficult, but possible. There are several ways – to amaze him with his mind, to listen without overproduction, to surpass in terms of pride.


Aquarians’ self-confidence is multiplied by sarcasm and boastfulness. Quite an unpleasant combination. Representatives of this sign do not doubt that everyone knows better than others that their opinion is very important to others, and those around them are inferior to them in development. Hence – the manner of Aquarius to speak condescendingly, depicting a wise teacher, patiently explaining to the student’s common truths.


Cancers love to give advice, but they hate it when advice is given to them. They are also very dependent on mood and easily poison the lives of others, if not in spirit. Cancer is secretive, hides the true “I” under protective armor, but requires the utmost frankness from others. And loves to argue. He is not interested in someone else’s opinion – Cancer sees the point of the dispute in guiding the opponent on the right path. That is, on your way.


Like Cancer, Virgo is always ready to give advice and lecture on any topic. Virgo has a passion for showing erudition and a deep mind. She does it for any reason and does not ask permission. Such self-confidence irritates other people, and often Virgo runs into rudeness, since the first time she does not understand that no one wants to listen to her.


Differs in tactlessness, straightforwardness, and inadequate assessment of the situation. Sagittarius will not stop talking about himself (or speaking out for a long time on some issue), even if the apocalypse is happening around. He knows no measure in anything and is prone to hasty conclusions. The weak point of Sagittarius is animal seriousness and excessive pathos. A light joke about him can lead to aggression and/or trauma in Sagittarius.


On the one hand, the arrogant Taurus lacks sympathy, on the other, he easily comes to the rescue. There is an explanation for this paradox. By helping others, Taurus is affirmed in their own indispensability and toughness. His favorite letter of the alphabet is I. It is pointless to argue with Taurus, to interest himself – too. Do you want to gain his trust? Talk to Taurus about his life.

a lion

The egocentric Leo is full of pathos. He considers himself to be an excellent public speaker, brilliant artist, and charismatic and is surprised when faced with indifference. Lions cannot grow up in any way and look like spoiled children, all the time waiting for praise. They are very naive: it is enough to scratch the Lions behind the ear to make them pliable and manageable.


Scorpio is the opposite of a good-natured Leo, he is harsh, poisonous, vindictive, and is not fooled by false compliments. He does not need the evaluations of others, he knows everything about himself, assesses himself adequately, sees the shortcomings, but focuses, of course, on the merits. Scorpio can laugh at himself, reacts normally to criticism, but up to a certain point. If you really hit him, run and don’t look back.


The extreme arrogance of this sign does not just annoy others, it poses a danger to them. Behind the condescending tone of Gemini lies indifference towards people. Confident that they are allowed more than others, they do not consider it necessary to be responsible for their words. Promise and not follow through? The usual thing. Gemini often makes terrible bosses because their real power instantly corrupts them.

The Most Arrogant Signs Of The Zodiac
The Most Arrogant Signs Of The Zodiac

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