The Most Generous Men by Zodiac Sign

The Most Generous Men by Zodiac Sign

12th place. Gemini

Gemini duality is also expressed in financial matters. On the one hand, they are ready to spend, they don’t think how much they pay for you, but, on the other hand, they are gnawed all the time. The Gemini men constantly count how much he paid and when, he does not speak out loud, but if it seems to him that the costs are excessive, he will become irritated, withdraw into himself and get angry at the situation, at the need to pay for your needs.

11th place. Virgo

Very calculating, and most importantly, thrifty natures. Where there is a fine line between frugality and stinginess, you need to look in each case. But the fact that the Virgo man considers his budget and clearly knows what is worth buying and what can be neglected is a fact. About women, he can afford more than usual, but he will still reflect: did he do the right thing by buying you a new phone.

10th place. Capricorn

Capricorn men are ready to spend, but only when you provide them with peace of mind and home comfort. Also, Capricorns do not trust women very much, so before you relax and enjoy themselves at their expense, you will have to gain that very trust. How do you do this, the question is one hundred rubles. Or a thousand. One way or another, do not expect special generosity from Capricorn at the beginning of a relationship – the candy-buffet period in your case will be quite budgetary.

9th place. Taurus

Unlike Aries, these signs are generous, give the impression of people ready to shower a woman with rubles, dollars, and euros. But the financial breadth of their soul ends exactly when they receive theirs from a woman. It doesn’t matter what it is about – about sex or a secret recipe for cheesecakes. But having achieved what they want, Taurus begins to deflate, his interest melts away, and this is followed by an inevitable reduction in costs for you.

8th place. Cancer

The Cancer man is unambiguously generous in the soul, but only in the status of a permanent partner. If in the case of Taurus, generosity ends exactly when the candy-buffet period ends, then with Cancers it’s the opposite. Are you serious? You can be calm – there is money, there will be money. If your romance is in its early stages, you will have to shrink and be patient. The explanation for this behavior of Rakov is simple: why should he spend money on you, it is not yet completely clear whether it will develop between you or not. And if it doesn’t work out, it turns out that the money was down the drain?

7th place. Pisces

Representatives of this sign are capable of generosity, can surprise, delight with gifts, and, in fact, there is nothing to complain about. The question is that these gifts are suspiciously unexpected (it also happens, you see), and does the Pisces Man atone for his guilt in this way? It’s harder to explain than to feel it. So turn on your feminine intuition and try to separate paranoia from real doubt.

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6th place. Aries

Generous men, but only if they have a long-term interest in you. They will not spend money just like that, on the “first comer” – they need to be sure that their investment will pay off. Moreover, if they sincerely love you, then, of course, they will “invest” with joy and not think how much they spend on you.

5th place. Aquarius

Aquarians love to give gifts. The problem is not that they are generous, but what exactly they are spent on. With this, Aquarius is not very good: taste, as a rule, is absent, as well as a sense of proportion. Yes, the representatives of this sign will delight you with surprises, but you will have to question the formula “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. They look, and how, especially if instead of a little black dress, you are solemnly presented with a tracksuit.

4th place. Scorpio

Scorpio men value their time, value hard-earned money, and do not want to spend it on just anyone, just like that. These guys believe they are valuable on their own and not at the expense of their wallets. So there is no need to try to take advantage of their generosity: Scorpio will show it only when he sees fit. And forget the classic tricks like “well cat” – Scorpio will immediately freeze their accounts for you. Scorpios are generous men, but you should not be guided only by the sign of the zodiac: as they say, watch your hands. In the sense of their behavior. Don’t overdo it.

3rd place. Libra

One of the most generous signs. They make gifts, delight loved ones, do not count every ruble, and do not think about the consequences. In this fabulous, magical situation, there is one “but” – if you live with this man and are planning a budget, then forget the word “planning”: the payback for a great weekend will be the lack of money in the account for the next week. So it’s not a fact that such generosity is a virtue.

2nd place. Sagittarius

Representatives of this sign are very generous, so you can always count on a pleasant surprise. The only thing is that for such behavior Sagittarius – not selfishly, but disinterestedly – expects sincere admiration from you. Sagittarius is like Leos – wither away without adoration. Do you love Sagittarius with all your heart? Then everything will be fine for you. And here’s another. Keep in mind that representatives of this sign are not very good at counting. Do it for him if you do not want to be left without a ruble for tomorrow.

1st place. Leo

These guys love big gestures, they like to make an impression, to look better in their own eyes than others – especially since they a priori consider themselves # 1. Use this if you don’t have a heart. And if there are a heart and love for the representative of this sign, then put on the brake and do not let him throw money senselessly. Tell him sincerely that he is the best just in fact, and you shouldn’t spend so much. In general, here they are, the most generous men in the zodiac sign – Leo.

The Most Generous Men by Zodiac Sign

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