My Home Is My Castle: This Is How The Zodiac Signs Live

Minimalist design, cozy country house style, or antique heirloom: we will show you how the zodiac signs live and furnish themselves.

How do the zodiac signs live? According to the 12 basic astrological principles, conclusions can be drawn about living preferences, because the zodiac signs set different priorities in the design of their living space.

For example, Sagittarius prefers to live high up, because then he can look into the distance at any time. For him, the Taurus and the Cancer, the kitchen is an important part of their own home. The lion would like to leave a lasting impression on its visitors with its interior design. Aquarius loves things colorful and the Scorpio’s many furnishings tell their own story.

See how the zodiac signs live in our large furnishing typology:
Aries (March 21st – April 20th) need space, otherwise, it gets chaotic

Aries would like to have a loft without many partitions because they need a lot of space. If he lives in a cramped one-room apartment, he is rarely found at home. Picobello rarely looks like it: There can be clothes lying around here and magazines there. That doesn’t bother him. The Aries is practical, its furniture should be easy to maintain. As for the subject of color in the apartment, dark, soft tones are best. Something red suits his temperament, for example, red curtains or a red blanket. Candles and one or the other landscape should not be missing so that he feels completely comfortable in his home.

Bull (April 21st – May 20th) spoil your loved ones with culinary delights from the kitchen

The country house style goes well with the typical bull-like mayonnaise with french fries, because it comes to life in a rustic atmosphere. Nevertheless, he does not want to forego comfort and quality. It also has to be cozy, especially in the living room. He likes large, comfortable seating. The bull prefers wood; warm, earthy tones, and dimmed light. The kitchen is another important room in Taurus: He likes to cook and invites guests to eat. That’s why it’s even better if the dining room is right next door. If he has a pantry, not only in the refrigerator well-stocked but it too. If he doesn’t have a garden, all the herbs he needs for his culinary creations grow on the kitchen window sill.

Gemini (May 21st – June 21st) is always up to date thanks to electronic aids

If the twin’s apartment or house is too far away, he will feel uncomfortable in the long run: He has a wide range of interests and is often out and about – especially to meet people. The Gemini loves conversations about God and the world. Nevertheless, there should be peace in his home: It should be a retreat where he can relax and regain his strength. The desk and electronic communication devices are central to the interior design. Otherwise, the twin fits modernity, especially lots of glass and light. He likes to swap the pictures or posters on the walls because he feels standing still is something very terrible.

Cancers (June 22-23) actually only need a cozy bed and pictures to move into their home

Cancer is a family man. It can therefore happen that he lives under one roof with his parents – in separate apartments. If he lives away from them, “heirlooms” remind him of his loved ones. In terms of furnishings, he likes it classic: He prefers to sit on the same sofa for years instead of constantly following the latest trends. He prefers to hang pictures on his walls. Coziness is important to Cancer. His bed should be comfortable and large. As with the Taurus, the kitchen is also a central room for the typical Cancer: he often and likes to cook. He serves the food and drinks on exquisite china or from fine glasses.

Lions (July 24th to August 23rd) prefer to indulge in luxury

Luxury is a key keyword when it comes to the lion. This also applies to his dwelling. If he does not have a large budget, he at least gives the impression that it would be like that, for example with large mirrors, great flower arrangements, high-quality animal skins, fine crystal vases, and gold-plated elements. In his living room, there could be a kind of throne, such as an imposing wing chair. After all, the lion is the king of the zodiac. The bigger the windows, the better. Because the sun tickles him while slumbering on the sofa, he is happy. He would like to have a walk-in closet for his clothes, in which he can keep all his fashion treasures.

Virgos (08/24 to 09/23) turn their home into a temple of relaxation

In the typical Virgo home, things are neat. She doesn’t always clean around, but she wants everything to look neat. She appreciates clean lines, for example, white furniture and splashes of color in the form of small pillows, with a warm yellow or dark green being the colors of the Virgin. If she can afford it, then there is a massage chair in her living room, in which she sits after a strenuous day at work. Relaxing is also wonderful in a hot bath – the bathroom is accordingly important. There are also plenty of care products to be found here, including some with a freshness boost. Because these also contribute to relaxation. The way from home to Virgo’s workplace shouldn’t be too far. There should also be top shopping addresses close to where you live.

Libra (24.09. To 23.10.) Demonstrate a love of detail and love to decorate

Libra is a person to whom harmony is sacred. And that is reflected in your own four walls: everything fits together. The Libra knows how to set highlights – their sense of aesthetics is strong. That is why it is easy for her to harmonize the modern and the antique in a creative way. She likes to invest a little more money in a particularly beautiful piece of furniture or accessory. When the Libra invites guests, everything should be perfect: from the table decorations to the feel-good atmosphere. Like the Virgo, Libra also attaches great importance to taking care of their body. That’s why there are so many shower gels, perfumes, and cosmetic samples to discover in your bathroom.

Scorpions (October 24th to November 22nd) create places of retreat

The contact with the neighbors does not need to be too close for the Scorpio. That is why he feels just as comfortable in a high-rise, in which hardly anyone knows the other, as in a house far away from the center. He needs a quiet environment: a place where he can recharge his battery. Many a Scorpio also has a hobby room in the basement: a realm in which no one disturbs them when they close the door. It may also be that he has stored his music collection there, through which he rummages from time to time and indulges in relaxed listening pleasure. When it comes to furnishings, the Scorpio loves practicality rather than simplicity and elegance – he cherishes heirlooms.

Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) like to surround themselves with souvenirs from all over the world

The higher the Sagittarius lives, the better. Because he likes to look at the world outside. That consoles him in moments when he has a lot of wanderlust. In any case, it needs a lot of light and space. He particularly likes an open kitchen-living room. So that the Sagittarius does not have to go far to the running, walking, or cycling route, he prefers to move near a park, lake, or forest. If he can afford it, the combination of an apartment in the city and a house in the country would be ideal for him. Because he not only needs nature but also culture to be happy. His style of living is uncomplicated because that’s how Sagittarius is and he knows how to place his books, pictures, and souvenirs in a harmonious way.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th) need room to work

The Capricorn motto is an understatement: He relies on simple elegance not only in terms of clothing but also in terms of interior. But there are such and such ibex: Some prefer to surround themselves with antiques, others with functional design without frills. If the second is the case, the colors black, gray, and silver dominate in the Capricorn dwelling. He should add color accents with blue and yellow. The study or desk is essential in his home because Capricorns are very ambitious and often do something for their career at home too. He also enjoys a hobby room a lot. He should ventilate his bedroom regularly.

Aquarians (January 21 to February 18) like things creative, colorful, and unconventional

The typical Aquarius is known for his unconventional, creative streak. For him, it doesn’t matter whether he lives in a large house or a room in a shared apartment: when it comes to the furnishings, he loves being original. He wants every guest to feel comfortable in his realm – but some might be shocked by the mix of styles. A poster for an art exhibition, for example, is placed in the bathroom when something looks good there. Every now and then the Aquarius needs new furniture or accessories: Then there is a lively exchange or even a whole new arrangement. From his travels – especially those in exotic countries – he likes to bring back mementos, which then get a place of honor in his home.

Fish (February 19 to March 20) like to bring nature into their homes

When it comes to intuition and imagination, no one can fool the fish. It is therefore not surprising that he has no difficulty in designing his own four walls according to his ideas: the typical fish perceives dark and bright colors as oppressive – all light blue tones, on the other hand, go well with him, best in combination with wooden furniture a warm shade. The more natural everything is, the better. Especially since this is an advantage for possible allergies. Be that as it may, the fish wants to feel absolutely secure at home. A garden where he can relax would be the perfect icing on the cake for the fish.

My Home Is My Castle This Is How The Zodiac Signs Live
My Home Is My Castle This Is How The Zodiac Signs Live

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