Incredible: The Loneliest Signs Of The Zodiac (We Hope This Is Not About You)

To be able to endure and enjoy loneliness is a great gift, said Bernard Shaw. Few are endowed with this gift. InStyle has studied zodiac signs for privacy propensities.


They are quite sociable, willingly go for rapprochement, but up to a certain point. When a relationship begins to grow from being a friend to a friendship, Gemini can put on the brake. The reason is well known – they do not really like to be frank with someone and do not at all like to follow the rules and obligations of friendship. Caring for someone, helping – all this strains the Gemini. It’s not even about selfishness, but rather about unwillingness to let someone into your life. At the same time, it is difficult to call the representatives of this sign lonely. They need people, but so that without commitment.


To be with someone just for fear of dying alone? This is not about Virgo. Horror stories in the spirit of “there will be no one to give a glass of water in old age” do not work here: it is easier for them to earn money for a professional nurse than to enter into communications not of their own free will. All this does not mean that Virgos are sociopaths. No, they are just proud and stubborn, and also people who rely on reason, and not on feelings, and even more so on the norms accepted in society. Lucky to meet a true friend or love – great. Out of luck? Virgo will survive somehow.


The harsh character of Aries, his habit of speaking everything in person, bluntly, create difficulties for him in communication. To avoid loneliness, Aries must constantly work on themselves, monitor their speech, tone, control themselves. Usually he does so, because he needs communication and is generally very social by nature. And so much so that sometimes he makes acquaintances with those who are not too close to him in spirit and in views. And as a result, he soon begins to quarrel with them. The moral is simple: in order not to be reputed to be a beech, Aries should carefully approach the choice of interlocutors and partners.


For Taurus, the situation is about the same as for Aries. Their irascibility and stubbornness make it difficult to build normal, trusting, and most importantly, stable relationships with others. Taurus’ inability to admit mistakes, agree with other people’s opinions, and compromise often repels people, even those who have sincere sympathy for them. Unlike Aries, Taurus also don’t really know how to apologize. And then they wonder why everyone avoids them. And really why?


This sign does well without friends and even without ordinary communication. Aquarius is so passionately passionate about his affairs, ideas, projects that he does not need society – this distracts him from his favorite activities. In the end, says Aquarius, there are books, and with them it is much more pleasant than with living people. But if there is someone who shares the interests of Aquarius, he will not find a stronger friend. When there is a like-minded person, why sit as an owl in an empty apartment?


A more intelligent copy of Aquarius is what Capricorn is. The main thing for him is business, everything else is secondary. Unlike Aquarius, Capricorn approaches this side of his life extremely carefully, without fanaticism. His motto is: “I did the job – walk boldly.” Finished work – forward, to the joys of life, love and communication. But until then, it is useless to pull Capricorn. You can be offended, consider it a bore and a hermit, but if necessary, he will sit alone for a year, being distracted by sleep and food.


A professional in privacy, Scorpio can easily do without people. But if a suitable circle develops, he will gladly join him and communicate day and night. Scorpios know how to be friends, they go for rapprochement and confidential tone without any problems, share secrets and listen (and are able to keep) other people’s secrets. And when the next period of calm comes (old friends are gone, new ones have not appeared), Scorpio withdraws into itself without any problems.


The dreamy, subtle nature of this sign suggests mental fragility and fear of loneliness. In fact, this is not the case. Yes, Pisces needs communication, they depend on it, but they will not be asking themselves – “take me to the company”. They are not bored alone, they can always keep themselves occupied and not feel lost. The same applies to personal life as such. It is natural for Pisces to be with someone, however, in anticipation of great love, they will have a wonderful time in the company of books, films, work, close friends.


The seething energy of Sagittarius carries him far ahead, leaving behind those who simply cannot keep up with him. When the Sagittarius takes a breath and, looking around, realizes that he is alone, he is not frightened, but continues to move. He does not avoid people, but he also does not insist that they be around. So it turns out that others themselves are drawn to him. True, people surrounded by Sagittarius often change – not everyone can withstand the pace at which he exists.


Cancers can be alone, can convincingly declare their self-sufficiency. Yes, they have a lot to do on their own. For example, sleep. Or watch TV shows like crazy. All of this is not quite what they need. Cancers are very social creatures who prefer noisy companies, and solitude is an option, rather, a forced one, designed to show those around them their independence. Communication six days a week, one day of rest alone with oneself – this is the optimal format for Cancers.


The complete opposite of Cancers. If they only play in self-sufficient, then Libra are. And they play, on the contrary, in socially active and sociable ones. In fact, Libra does not need anyone, they get along well either with their company, or, in extreme cases, with a narrow circle of two or three people. Why pretend, you ask. It’s simple: Libra is extremely dependent on someone else’s opinion and, if it is supposed to be secular and sociable, they will do their best to play secularism.


Egoist and narcissist, Leo needs people as extras, as a prima actor in an enthusiastic audience. Without attention to themselves, Lions wither, lose vitality and confidence. Society for them is a breeding ground, communication is fuel. It is not surprising that in Leo’s mind, hell is not an underworld with cauldrons and devils, but an uninhabited island.

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Incredible The Loneliest Signs Of The Zodiac (We Hope This Is Not About You)

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