Love problems and mistakes of the zodiac signs

Love problems and mistakes of the zodiac signs


Too fast Aries are champions in short novels. And not because they are not serious about the relationship. Their weak point is impulsiveness. “Do it first, then think it over,” – with this approach, you won’t go far. Aries lacks meaningfulness of feelings (yes, love needs to be understood).


Business-minded Taurus stand firmly on their feet and are devoid of illusions. Which is also not always good. To build harmonious relationships and realize themselves in love Taurus is hampered by earthiness. Plus – in some cases – obsession with money. More romance, friends!


You just need to be a little more serious in your relationship and everything will work out. And so … the frivolity of Gemini initially charms partners, who confuse this quality with lightness. Yes, it’s easy with Gemini, they do not reflect and are ready to enjoy life. But gradually this is not enough. And there are claims to Gemini that often lead to a breakup.


Rakov’s love is sometimes pathological. They invest in relationships without a trace, they love, as they say, to rupture the aorta. Cancers find it difficult to control their feelings, and if something goes wrong, they lose their head. And they literally start to get a loved one, scaring him away. What can you say here? Cancers should learn the well-known rule: “If you love – let go.”


Lions, who are lavishly rewarded with vanity and pride, are surprisingly lucky in relationships. Paradoxically, they know how to combine a love for themselves and another person. Although, perhaps, this is how you need to live …


Virgos are sometimes too careful in expressing feelings, they delay the development of relationships. But if they still give themselves up to passions, they can go to the other extreme. Excessive sacrifice becomes a heavy burden both for the Virgins themselves and for their partner, who feels forcibly driven onto a pedestal. All this does not affect the relationship in the best way.


It is definitely a sin to complain to Libra. And all thanks to their ability to extinguish conflicts. Libras are docile, but this does not mean that they are devoid of character. It’s just that Libra not only wants to be happy, but also knows how, and washes.


There is only one step from love to hate, but in Scorpio, this distance is even less. Their caringness can be abruptly replaced by irritability, and their interest in the affairs of their partner can become indifferent. Few people like to ride these emotional roller coasters. Being more attentive to your loved one is what Scorpios need.


Sagittarius is also lucky in love, but they lack calmness. They are always in a hurry somewhere, they make noise, have fun, arrange endless holidays and surprises for their loved ones. This whirlwind can give you a headache. Slow down a little, Sagittarius, and everything will be perfect.


Over-independence Capricorns can scare away and hinder their personal happiness. Those who get to know Capricorn better will understand that they also want to be loved. And the notorious independence does not interfere with this in any way.


Aquarius values ​​freedom. In any form. This does not mean that Aquarius cannot be trusted and they are capable of treason. But compromise, denying oneself in personal space, and being able to do whatever one wants, for Aquarius is tantamount to imprisonment.


Pisces often choose a toxic object of love, toil with it to the last, spend themselves without a trace, refusing to admit the obvious. And when the relationship ends, the whole world is blamed for this collapse. The tendency towards illusions is the main obstacle of some Pisces on the path to personal happiness.

Love problems and mistakes of the zodiac signs

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