The Movie You Haven’t Seen but Should Have Watched Based on Your Sign

The Movie You Haven’t Seen But Should Have Watched Based on Your Sign

Our zodiac sign movie can tell us many things about different aspects of our life. Each sign corresponds to characteristics, tastes, and habits common to all individuals who share it.

Among the various tastes, there are also those concerning the films we love to watch and with which we entertain. In fact, not all of us share the same tastes in terms of films, but as Vanityfair reports, for each sign, there could be one that represents it or that also, simply, could particularly like it.

On the other hand, how many times have we found ourselves in front of the homepage of a streaming site staring at the catalog bewildered, without being able in any way to find something that catches our attention ?! Maybe we end up watching a movie that we don’t even like, with the feeling of having just wasted time. But here, somehow, astrology comes to our rescue!

Let’s find out which movie is most suitable for each zodiac sign!

Aries and Taurus
You Aries definitely need adrenaline from a movie, but with the right amount of love. The complicated events of Pat Solitano will intertwine with Tiffany’s life, becoming even more complicated.

The Taurus, on the other hand, can only appreciate ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s “. You particularly appreciate being at home, perhaps wrapped in blankets to watch a good movie. Tiffany is an ambitious woman who loves to hang out with wealthy men, two personality types that you get along well with.

Gemini and Cancer
You are intellectuals, you Gemini, but you also appreciate the fun of an evening with friends, ” Midnight in Paris ” will give you everything you need. Get carried away by Gil in the 1920s, in the city of intellectuals par excellence, Paris, you won’t regret it!

Instead, to you Cancers, who are looking for drama and easy tears, I can only recommend ” Boyhood “. Committed biography of Mason’s difficult existence, which retraces his most complex years, those of adolescence.

Leo and Virgo
Since the dull stories end up boring you and you always need adrenaline and strong emotions, you Leos can only appreciate ” Inglourious Basterds “. Heroism, action, revenge, shoot-outs, and just the right amount of comedy blend perfectly in this film.

A comedy, but with a wise and intellectual interweaving of the background is definitely what you could appreciate in a film you of the Virgin. You will find all this in “ La Cena de creating ”, which will give you lots of laughs, but without neglecting a complicated plot at the right point.

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Libra and Scorpio
A story of the pursuit of freedom and escape is what is most suitable for those born under the sign of Libra. ” Into the wild ” will make your move and empathize with Christopher, with whom I do not exclude you will be able to identify yourself easily.

What you Scorpio need, however, is to immerse yourself in the darkness, but without giving up the intellectual component of a story. What could you want better than ” Zodiac ” ?! An intellectual thriller that traces the real events of the homonymous killer, but from an unexpected point of view.

Sagittarius and Capricorn
You Sagittarius will find in the protagonist of ” Whiplash ” the determination that you like so much. There will be a few laughs now and then, but the drama that flows on the screen will leave you satisfied at the end of the film.

You have probably already heard someone mention the FBI operation called Abscam. If you are curious, and I know that it is a characteristic of you Capricorn, I recommend the film ” American hustle ” which traces the events. A sort of documentary, which you like so much, but with a good subplot.

Aquarius and Pisces
The need that you Aquarius have to explore different situations and find yourself immersed in a world that is not yours will be satisfied by ” Bombshell “. For you, there is, in fact, nothing better than a drama based on a real story, but set in a place that is completely foreign to you.

You Pisces need something that tickles your fancy, with a clever enough weave to keep you glued to the screen. “ I due Papi ” has all the credentials to satisfy you. But fear not, this comedy-drama will also make you laugh and smile on different occasions!

The Movie You Haven’t Seen but Should Have Watched Based on Your Sign

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