What Is the Nail Polish Color to Choose in April? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals It to You

Find out which nail polish to choose to better enjoy the spring season. A tip from the stars based on your zodiac sign.

Spring is a season of change and innovation. For this reason, when you find yourself living it, you almost always want to change your appearance. Among the many changes that can be made to feel more beautiful, there are those related to the color of nail polish to wear. After seeing which haircut to choose based on your zodiac sign, today we will therefore find out which is the most suitable nail polish color according to the stars.

Aries – Bright red
For you, red is confirmed as the perfect color even in spring. To change a bit, though, you can opt for a more lively version. Or, if you feel like playing a little, you could make some very small white polka dots. A playful way to feel more beautiful.

Taurus – Powder pink
A color that suits you this spring? A beautiful powder pink color. Simple suitable for any type of clothing and able to make you feel feminine at the right point. A color that, among other things, will hardly tire you.

Gemini – The mustard color
Aiming for a bright yellow over time may tire you. So why not opt ​​for a mustard yellow? Strange enough to make you love it and want to combine it with all kinds of clothes. Maybe not always exactly spring but that’s partly the aspect you’ll love the most about this dye.

Cancer – Candy Pink
The color you should aim for to feel perfect every day is candy pink. You will love to combine it with your clothes and accessories. Feminine at the right point, it will also prove perfect for important occasions and for all the moments when you want to feel special.

Leo – Orange
One-color you will love to wear is definitely orange. This nuance will help you to feel in a full summer mood without having to do anything else. Perfect even if not exactly spring, it will allow you to feel special in finding the right combinations to do every time.

Virgo – Yellow
If you want a cheerful and particular color for your spring you should go for yellow. Sunny and cheerful, it will also make you appreciate the spring atmosphere. Even better if you try it with some decorations to be applied at the end for a cooler touch.

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Libra – The pearl white
When it comes to nail polishes you need to always feel elegant and one way to do this is to show off a beautiful pearly white. The right color that you will love to wear at any time of the day.

Scorpio – Aqua green
A spring color that can reflect you? The green water. Even better if you can combine it with a design (perhaps of a small butterfly) in a warm fuchsia. A combination of colors that you will love to admire.

Sagittarius – Light beige
Even if it’s spring, you like to stay on the classic side, at least for the glazes. And a color that suits you perfectly is light beige. Great to combine with any item of clothing you can blend it to make it more particular and give you a tone even on the most normal days.

Capricorn – Gray
When it comes to nail polishes you like to go a little against the tide and a gray in spring is the perfect choice in this sense. It is in fact a color that goes well with the more colorful variants and therefore you will like to show off on different occasions.

Aquarius – Electric blue
A color that suits you well? Electric blue. Especially in the evening, it will make you feel perfect at the right point. Even better if shaded with silver able to give you that extra touch of elegance that you love to show off this season.

Pisces – Apple green
Spring is such a happy season that you like to show off its effects even with nail polishes. A nice apple green, in this sense, turns out to be the right choice. Colored enough to make you feel good it will also give more personality to whatever you choose to wear.

What Is the Nail Polish Color to Choose in April Your Zodiac Sign Reveals It to You

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