These Are the Most Passive-aggressive Signs of the Zodiac

These Are the Most Passive-aggressive Signs of the Zodiac


Passive Cancers don’t want to riot, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel anger or frustration. When they’re hurt or made angry, they’re torn between wanting to express their feelings and not wanting to make a scene.

They content themselves with passive-aggressive remarks and exasperated sighs until the other finally asks what’s going on.


The Libra prefers not to stir up dust when it can be avoided and usually prefers to make everyone else comfortable. Part of the idea, however, is that Libra would do pretty much anything for loved ones and hope that they would get the same back from others.

If that’s not the case, Libra can get passively aggressive, and quickly. They won’t start a full-blown argument with you, but they’ll give you the cold shoulder and make snappy remarks until someone apologizes or until they get over it, whichever comes first.


Pisces are extremely intuitive people and very good at empathizing with others. However, due to their violent aversion to conflict and criticism, they can be very passive-aggressive.

They may struggle with whether or not they have the right to be angry and may even bring themselves to see it from the other’s point of view and decide to let go of their anger.

But in the meantime, they make passive-aggressive comments or subtly victimize themselves while trying to process the situation.

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Taurus can tell you openly how they’re feeling, but honestly, they don’t want to have to. You have such a close circle of trusted people who you know so well that they think others should be able to sense when something is wrong or know when they are so very wrong.

When Taurus really thinks that the other cannot see the problem, they will confront them – but it will take a while to get to that point. Until then, they make little subtle hints until the other understands the situation.


Geminis have a reputation for indecisiveness and exploring all possibilities in any situation they face. While they can be quite loose, they can seem very changeable as you figure out how you feel in a situation.

Most Gemini has to talk about their feelings to process them, but if they think this is going to lead to a huge argument, make passive-aggressive comments until they can really thoroughly address what is bothering them.


Virgos are not always passive-aggressive, but they can happen. A Virgo can absolutely confront you with something if you’ve really hurt her, but if she thinks the situation isn’t worth clearing up, she’ll just make passive-aggressive remarks instead.

She won’t engage in an intense confrontation until she has really thought it through and maybe intentionally passive-aggressive for a while before deciding to disclose what is bothering her. In any case, you know that she is doing this on purpose.

These Are the Most Passive-aggressive Signs of the Zodiac

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