Which student are you according to your zodiac sign?

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can learn more about the student you are from your zodiac sign. And then, it always makes a good excuse when you bring back a bad grade to your parents. “It’s not me, it’s my star sign”. Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, and the others, this is what the stars say about the way you study.


Aries student, you have real leadership qualities! You have the makings of a class delegate or an association president. You are very efficient and when you succeed, you ask for more and again. Your passionate side and your competitive nature keep pushing you to the top. You have confidence in yourself and you know what you are doing, which is why we follow you easily.


A Taurus student, you are someone who always gives their all in what they do. You are successful most often because you have the confidence in yourself to know that you can do it. You learn better by doing than by reading, so you’re more of the type to do a lot of exercises during your revisions. But you also know how to let go and have fun when you need it.


Gemini student, you learn things very quickly and you always remember every detail. You can become obsessive when you find something you really like and you can learn for hours. Finally, since you are quite fast, you like to take advantage of the time that you have left to help students who do not understand as quickly as you.


As a Cancer student, you always stay focused on your goals, so you spend your time working hard. You’re not the type to do things at the last minute, but rather organize your revisions and homework days and weeks in advance, to get the best grade possible. You are very persistent and never forget to hand in an assignment, even when you are sick.


Leo student, you are the one who raises your hand all the time in class to intervene. Besides being a good student, you are also an excellent teacher. You do your job rather quickly, which gives you time to help those who don’t understand. And you love it! You like to be the center of attention, the one who teaches others, who distills his advice, who is eagerly listened to.


Student Virgo, you are extremely hardworking and you want everyone to know it. You always prioritize your work over anything else and you focus only on your future. You’re not the type to brag about your grades, but you take great pride in your hard work and like to be recognized. Very curious, you also like to constantly learn new things.


Libra student, we’re not gonna lie to each other, you’re not a big fan of school. You mostly go there to hang out with your friends. You also prefer group work and you hate revising alone. You like to bounce off other people’s ideas and you always need their opinions to feel good. You also tend to procrastinate, always finding 1000 things more interesting than working.


Scorpio student, you are the one who always says, “Sure, I’m going to have a bad mark” after an exam, but in the end, you get the highest mark. We can’t say that you trust yourself very much. Yet you work hard! In class, you are often the favorite of teachers because you know how to be wise, motivated, involved, and intelligent.


As a Sagittarius student, you always need to know more about what you are learning. So you don’t hesitate to watch documentaries, videos, read articles, go to museums or travel to improve your culture. On the other hand, you also really like having fun and you sometimes miss lessons because you will have been partying all night before. Finally, you are still careful not to miss too much, even if it means going to class with a hangover.


Capricorn student, it’s very simple, you know everything! We even come to be surprised when you don’t know something. When it comes to your studies, you’re not kidding. You are ready to do anything to succeed and you do not hesitate to work tirelessly to achieve it. Practical and strategic, you plan everything. And you don’t let a party distract you. You prefer to keep your absences for days when you really need them when you have a fever for example.


Student Aquarius, there is no more creative than you! You are visionary and innovative, you always come up with amazing ideas and new ways to study. You think carefully about how you might get things done to the best of your ability. However, you lack patience and hate when things don’t turn out the way you planned.


Pisces student, you are the perfectionist of the zodiac! You need everything to be perfect and you don’t hesitate to come back to your homework and exams several times. You can be very hard on yourself to the point of exhausting yourself sometimes. You also tend to stress yourself over the smallest thing. So you think about everything that could go wrong instead of focusing on the positive.


Which student are you according to your zodiac sign

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