How to Taste the Easter Dove Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find out how to best enjoy the Easter dove based on your zodiac sign.

Today is Easter and many of us, regardless of physical closeness with relatives and friends, have organized themselves for a family lunch, perhaps to be done via video call but to be lived in a convivial way. And as we all know, Easter eggs and doves are never lacking. After having seen which egg is most suitable for each zodiac sign, today we will discover how it is best to taste the Easter dove based on the sign of the zodiac.

How to best enjoy the dove based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – The dove with candied fruit to eat for breakfast
The dove with candied fruit and maybe even with raisins is the one that suits you best. Even better if you can enjoy it for breakfast with a good cappuccino or a cup of vegetable milk. It will be your personal way to start Easter and those to come in the best possible way.

Taurus – The chocolate dove with a sauce to accompany it
When it comes to desserts, it’s never too much for you. And if the right Colomba for you is one with chocolate cream, accompanying it with a vanilla sauce would be ideal to make the dessert even more special. Your own way to experience this day of celebration in the highest mood.

Gemini – The chocolate dove with Easter egg
Yes, to enjoy your dove at its best you shouldn’t deprive yourself of anything. Therefore, the Easter egg is also welcome. You could enjoy them together or cut your slice of cake in two and place the chocolate in the middle. The taste experience will certainly be more enjoyable.

Cancer – The dove with a glass of warm milk
To be honest, the type of dove to eat is irrelevant. The simpler it is, the better you will be able to enjoy the milk with which you choose to accompany it. A meal that you would enjoy to the fullest at marred or, for a greedy dinner. One way like any other to make this day more special.

Leo – The dove with many almonds
Tasting the dove, tasting the many almonds it is usually rich in, will be a good way to fully enjoy this dessert. This way you will enjoy the best without weighing yourself down and with the pleasure of knowing that you are still enjoying something healthy. As for the sugar part you have on your side the fact that it is a day of celebration.

Virgo – The traditional
dove You have always liked the traditional dove. As for how to taste it, you do not have great expectations and probably the best way is to enjoy it alone and without too many frills. Even better if for breakfast or as a snack, moments in which you can indulge in its sweetness without too many thoughts.

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Libra – La Colomba without candied fruit
You like the smooth and simple taste of the dove. Sometimes, however, you experience candied fruit as something you could do without. The trick is to take them off one by one. Doing so will help you enjoy even more the moment when you finally eat your slice of dessert and all without giving up the aroma of candied fruit that you like, all tomato.

Scorpio – The dove with custard
Creating a custard to accompany a slice of classic Colomba is certainly a good way to enjoy this dessert at its best. Alternatively, you can always opt for homemade orange marmalade. Excellent for enhancing the flavor. Enjoying it in this way will be a more than pleasant experience.

Sagittarius – The dove with chocolate chips
You like the dove simple but greedy. The one with chocolate chips is therefore a good option to make your snack more enjoyable. Also, it will lend itself to making sweets at the end of the holidays. And all without giving up that flavor you like so much.

Capricorn – The classic Colomba with chocolate
sauce A chocolate sauce will be the best way to accompany a slice of classic Colomba. Even better if you make this sauce with one of the chocolate eggs you have at home. In this way, you will avoid waste and fully enjoy a simple yet sophisticated dessert. Everything to taste.

Aquarius – The dove with citrus cream
The Easter dove lends itself well to citrus flavors, choosing one with citrus cream is, therefore, a choice that suits you and that will give you the right satisfaction. Even more so if you can prepare your cream yourself so that you can fill it or accompany it piece by piece.

Pisces – The dove with pistachio cream
Whether you have already chosen one with pistachio or not, the perfect Easter dove for you should have a pistachio cream to go with it. It is in fact a way to embellish this dessert giving it a particular taste. A true taste experience that you will love to do and share with those you love.

How to Taste the Easter Dove Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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