The Most Aggressive Men By Zodiac Sign

Who is the main aggressor and provocateur?

“Man is by nature a being, dissatisfied with everyone else,” the artist Josef Czapek once said. Not everyone, however, can hide this dissatisfaction. Some men can’t do it at all. InStyle has compiled a hit parade of aggressive men according to their zodiac signs.

12th place. Libra

Libras are adept at avoiding conflict, and not because they are afraid or unsure of their strengths and arguments. Representatives of this sign know how to keep themselves in check better than others, they are champions in the sense of self-control, plus they are excellent at calculating the consequences. And if the situation can take a bad turn, they will see it in advance and step aside, maintaining their dignity. The limit of Libra’s aggressiveness is an irritable tone of voice, they will not go for more, because they respect themselves too much, those around them, and save their mental strength.

11th place. Fish

Aggressiveness is the last of the qualities that can be inherent in Pisces. They are very vulnerable emotionally, therefore, rather, they are an object for other people’s attacks, and they themselves are unable to do this. The saddest thing is that Pisces prefer to carry resentments in themselves, not knowing how to get rid of them. Pisces are not ready to share intimate things with relatives and friends, and they do not know how to make claims. So try not to touch Pisces, do not touch them. If you show your emotional sensitivity, you will get a wonderful partner, friend, and lover.

10th place. Twins

This sign is very social, it will not ask for trouble with those who are really dangerous, and most importantly, Gemini will never behave aggressively towards those they love. Friends, the family are untouchable, and Gemini’s anger does not extend to them. It’s another matter if someone decides to offend “their own”: here the Gemini will lose control of themselves and get into a fight, not thinking about the consequences.

9th place. Aquarius

Aquarians may have serious irritations and even rabies, but they would rather vent it online. Here Aquarius has no equal: network holidays are their strong point, there they can sometimes overdo it with harshness, but all these are just words. In real life, representatives of this sign will try to find a common language with everyone, they are ready to make a reasonable compromise and are very good at controlling themselves. The only thing – do not question their talents, they will fall into a stupor from this and will no longer begin to communicate with you normally.

8th place. Cancer

Cancers are overly emotional, and this paradoxically prevents them from fighting off attacks, participating in arguments. They, knowing for themselves a tendency to scandals, can take control of everything and not ask for trouble. But if they have to give in against their will, Cancers will get angry with themselves for their own restraint, and then the battles will begin. After the fight, they don’t wave their hands – this proverb is clearly not about Cancers, they just get into a fight after everyone has made up and gathered to go home.

7th place. Virgo

This is not at all a harsh sign, Virgo is unusual for conflicts from scratch, and she almost does not experience bouts of irritability. In general, the representatives of this sign are kind and peaceful, and even if you press on them, they will not snap back. However, you don’t need to think that Virgos can be twisted as you like: they will quickly make you understand that restraint does not mean weakness. So your attempts to demand something from them will stumble upon a wall of iron arguments and quiet persistence. In addition, Virgos are not led by emotional blackmail, so leave tears and touching stories for someone else.

6th place. Capricorn

To infuriate Capricorn or run into his aggressiveness, you need to make a lot of effort. But better not. Having lost his temper, Capricorn will forget about the rules of decency and may speak out to you too harshly. However, when he cools down, and this will happen very quickly, Capricorn will begin to apologize, feel awkward, and will try in every possible way to make amends. In general, Capricorn is not a sign to be wary of. Be nice to him and everything will be fine. In the dispute, too, keep an even tone, and if Capricorn considers your arguments correct, he will agree and will not persist.

5th place. Sagittarius

The characteristic of Sagittarius is the stubbornness of Taurus, minus explicit aggression, plus latent aggression. More precisely, not even aggression, but cunning, he will argue to the point of hoarseness, he will not give up, but he will not raise his tone either. He will try to enter from the other side, take you either by starvation, or press on pity, or simply deceive. And another important point: Sagittarius perfectly feels someone else’s strength and will allow themselves aggression only with those who are weaker than them.

4th place. calf

These signs are very stubborn and always stand their ground. The more you argue with him or try to demand something, the more the Taurus gets annoyed. And even if he later becomes convinced that your arguments were correct and he was wrong, he will never admit it. Some Taurus-madmen, realizing that they are wrong, will still do as they see fit, simply because it is beyond their power to say “I was wrong”. Hence all their aggression – to fight to the last in any the most insignificant dispute or discussion.

3rd place. a lion

Leo demands respect, submission, and self-admiration. Any deviation from this route leads to the fact that Leo begins to crush and rage. True, at first you will not see this rage: Lions know how to hide their feelings under the guise of politeness. But they will not be enough for a long time – rather quickly they will lose their temper for real and will by any means force you to obedience. Lions do not tolerate encroachment on what they consider to be their own and protect with all their might. They also do not like it when they are trying to circle their fingers.

2nd place. Scorpio

Scorpio can look very restrained and even keep his distance, be cold, but inside him, everything is quite the opposite. Aggression among representatives of this sign accumulates for some time, and then manifests itself, and extremely unexpectedly. Scorpios are vindictive, this is one of their main features, they remember evil and, if possible, respond in kind, no matter when – even after many years. This sign does not tolerate lies, it enrages him. As for cheating, just a hint that his partner is unfaithful to him can drive Scorpio crazy. However, this is nothing more than a figure of speech: even being in a rage, he calculates all the options for revenge.

1st place. Aries

These signs are characterized by increased emotionality, they do not tolerate criticism and can break down after hearing comments in their address. Impulsive nature often turns into sharp outbursts of a bad mood, which is expressed in Aries’s aggressiveness and quarrelsomeness. Fortunately, representatives of this sign are not able to add grievances to the piggy bank, quickly withdraw, and sometimes do not understand why their irritability strains others. Want to get along with them? Don’t criticize. Although this is, of course, wrong.

The Most Aggressive Men By Zodiac Sign
The Most Aggressive Men By Zodiac Sign

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