Here Is Your Way of Reacting in a Crisis Situation Based on Your Astrological Sign

Here Is Your Way of Reacting in a Crisis Situation Based on Your Astrological Sign

We all have a different way of reacting to a crisis. Stress can have very varied consequences: for some, it paralyzes while for others, the adrenaline boost helps them find solutions quickly and to be particularly ingenious.

Here are the most common ways to respond to a crisis based on your zodiac sign. Find out right away if you find your way there and if it is true for you!


He’s the first to ask others to calm down, but he’s also the one who ends up losing his temper and yelling at everyone. Aries also has an unfortunate tendency to pretend to listen to the arguments of others and ultimately only do what they want.


In case of crisis or difficulty, the bull locks itself in its bubble. He cuts off his phone, no longer responds to messages, hides under the duvet takes refuge in sleep, or goes on series of episodes to forget his problems.


He is the first to draw his phone or jump to his computer to find a solution on the internet. He reads pages and pages of answers, but none quite satisfies him, so after a long time of research he ends up devising a complex strategy that mixes up everything he has read a bit. Suffice to say that it is not necessarily easy to follow …


When in trouble, Cancer tries to help others and ease tensions. The problem is that since it’s an emotional sponge, it swells up with all this tension and ends up cracking, releasing an annoyed “fuck yourself”.


For the Lions, everything is still going well. In a crisis, a Leo will always end up saying “but it’s okay, it’s not that bad” or “there’s no dead man”. Relativizing is a reflex, and its solutions in case of problems are always very extreme, which has the gift of annoying those around it because, for many, it is not the best answer.


Virgos quickly feel overwhelmed and in a panic. In a crisis, they are the first people to complain about not being able to concentrate because everyone is talking at the same time and they usually struggle to find practical solutions.

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Libras have their own way of dealing with complicated situations. Usually, they unsheathe their phone to seek advice from their mom, dad, best friend, or ex of their choice. And they are also the ones who end up doing things that have no relation to the management of the current crisis.


Scorpios have a great ability to keep their cool whatever the situation. In the event of a crisis, he usually remains very calm and enumerates all the worst eventualities as quickly as possible to be able to anticipate and propose appropriate solutions to avoid the danger. Highly focused, he is not discouraged by failure and perseveres until he finds a satisfactory solution to the crisis.


In case of a crisis or problem, Sagittarius quickly loses ground and offers solutions that are impossible to put into practice. He hates people who panic because it can stress him out and he usually ends up asking others to calm down.


When he has problems or a crisis to deal with, Capricorn wallows himself in a silence that is not reassuring. He tends to withdraw into himself and to respond aggressively monosyllable to any emotional manifestation.


In a crisis, Aquarius is totally on the defensive and has an annoying tendency to counter all proposals with irritating arguments. It is also the Aquarius who ends up leaving the room by releasing a “Do as you want”.


As he can keep his calm quite easily, the Pisces does not see the point of panicking and does not even understand those who stress in the event of a crisis. He usually laughs at those who panic and is the first to suggest that others relax over a drink or a good meal to calmly talk about the problem and find a solution that works for everyone.


Here Is Your Way of Reacting in a Crisis Situation Based on Your Astrological Sign

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