Women in love: 12 psycho types according to the sign of the zodiac

Zodiac signs form not only character traits but also whole types of women.

The women express themselves in love according to the zodiacal character and temperament.

Aries. Storm or Hurricane

Kristen Stewart (April 9, 1990)
Women born under this sign have a fantastic temperament. It can be expressed both explicitly and implicitly. In any case, inside or outside, Aries has passions raging. Freedom of thought, turning into the freedom of action, energy, brightness – the Aries woman is not adapted to an even life, she needs passions, emotions, and drive. And God forbid a man to disappoint or, even more risky, upset Aries – the hurricane will be of such force that destruction and heartfelt sacrifices are inevitable.

Taurus. Piggybank

Penelope Cruz (April 28, 1974)
Taurus prefers stability, comfort, and common sense. And they really appreciate what they have, and are not ready to throw it away or get rid of it. The principle “sooner or later everything will come in handy” is the defining principle for women who represent this sign. Things, memories, men in reserve – even those that are tired – are put into the piggy bank until better times. For this reason, Taurus very diplomatically breaks off relations – so that the setpoint can easily turn into an ellipsis if necessary.

Gemini. Kaleidoscope

Natalie Portman (June 9, 1981)
Gemini loves life to sparkle, sparkle, and shine. Fortunately, this means not only jewelry and things but also impressions, knowledge, people. Therefore, these women expect – and demand – variety and intricacy from their partners. If Gemini starts to get bored, this is a reason for alarm – a man urgently needs to come up with something, otherwise, you see, this incredible woman will look for someone else. Gemini is prone to flirt, but they are not frivolous, they know how to love and be faithful. But nature is still stronger. So guys, don’t relax.

Cancer. Water

Margot Robbie (July 2, 1990)
Cancer’s feminine charm, like water, refreshes and relieves emotional thirst. Cancers are soft, gentle, they go towards a man, they know how to listen and make you want to take care of them. They have a difficult inner world, they can be immersed in themselves and carefully analyze their relationship with a man. It is important for Cancer to feel that very carefully, then they bloom. Otherwise, they begin to wither, become isolated, make decisions (and they know how to do it), and … everything ends.

Leo. Jewelry

Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969)
The Leo woman is confident in herself, knows what she needs from life, and this “must” does not tolerate compromises – Leo wants to have all the best. And it cannot be otherwise – after all, a diamond-like her needs an adequate cut. In search of her man, the Leo woman does not tolerate fuss, she will not rush and exchange for nonsense until she finally stops her predatory gaze on a suitable candidate.

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Virgo. Organizer

Claudia Schiffer (25 August 1970)

The element of Virgo is order and predictability (which does not mean boredom at all). Yes, women who were born under this sign are not enthusiastic about surprises, preferring clarity, clarity, and honesty. Virgos are reliable, they are faithful and never deceive, but they demand the same – which is logical – from their partners. They know how to love truly and romantic beauties, of course, are not alien.

Libra. Serenity

Kate Winslet (October 5, 1975)
Libra is a mixture of seemingly different signs like Leo and Virgo. Calmness and prudence, honesty and openness coexist in them with the need to be more loved than loving. But. If you love such a woman with all your heart and passion, she will “equalize” the score – in the end, she will answer you in the same way, to the same extent. And with Libra, it is easy, quiet, and relaxed. Hence the Serenity.

Scorpio. Fire

Demi Moore (November 11, 1962)
Scorpios love so that sparks fly. It is impossible not to ignite from their gaze, it is impossible to stay away and not succumb to their pressure. They themselves will take what they consider to be their own, and just as easily throw away what they no longer need. Relationships and life with such women are really like a fire that you don’t want to put out. However, this is unlikely, unless she herself wants it.

Sagittarius. Knife

Christina Aguilera (December 18, 1980)
Women of this sign live life to the fullest, they want to know the world and people, develop, enjoy. In general, they want what everyone wants. The difference between Sagittarius and other signs is in their directness and irony. They are open and demand the same from others. They will not be silent if they have complaints or questions to their partners, and call things by their proper names. You need to be ready for this, and it’s not easy.

Capricorn. Vertex

Sienna Miller (December 28, 1981)
These women prefer common sense to crazy actions and head-blowing emotions. They are calculating, but not hypocritical. Restraint is their middle name, and Capricorns will not open their souls to the first (second, third) they meet. They choose their own man, but if you are persistent, you can conquer them. Just remember – you will have to overcome many obstacles along the way before you climb to the very top.

Aquarius. Lighthouse

Jennifer Aniston (February 11, 1969)
They are very sociable natures, in whom everything comes from communication and friendship. Aquarians normally relate to fleeting romances, easily make acquaintances, which, in fact, turn into a more intimate plane. However, having met that very one, this woman will stay with him forever. Because the best friends are not abandoned, and the one and only one is a priori the best friend. You can completely rely on Aquarius, trust, they will always support and come to your aid.

Pisces. Flower

Eva Mendes (March 5, 1974)
Pisces – like Cancer, is also very feminine, sensitive, and vulnerable. At the same time, Pisces tend to see only the best in a man, for some reason not noticing the shortcomings. And, besides, they can sometimes be less attentive to their feelings than to the feelings of their partners. All this, coupled with some naivety, is fraught with emotional turmoil and painful disappointments. Therefore, be extremely attentive to Pisces, men.

Women in love 12 psycho types according to the sign of the zodiac

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