The Worst And Best Partners (Based On Their Zodiac Signs)

12. Virgin

Virgos are very orderly and methodical in everything they do so that they strive for a relationship that is as perfect as possible. In doing this, you are driving your partner crazy.

They will dictate their partner’s dress style and require that they be as neat and tidy as possible around them. Someone who does not share this opinion will not get along well with a Virgo.

Their greatest downfall is their insecurity. In her pursuit of perfection, she has become her toughest critic herself. Everything that she is and is not good enough in her eyes.

This mindset has affected her self-esteem in such a way that she seeks constant approval and approval from her partner, which can become very intrusive over time.

Because of this, Virgos tend to be jealous. They want to know every step their partner takes, every second they spend apart, and that’s really not something that can hold two people together.

11. Scorpio

To date a Scorpio woman, you really need to get to know her on a deeper level. Their cold exterior hides a soft heart and at first glance, they can seem a little intimidating.

It is in their nature to try to control everything around them, including the course of their relationship. They know this is their biggest mistake, but sometimes there is nothing they can do about it.

They set the bar high and don’t lower their standards when looking for someone to relate with. A man has to improve his tactics in order to score points with a Scorpio, as they are not satisfied with mediocre stakes.

They are brutally honest, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Not everyone can handle brutal honesty. That is why a Scorpio woman needs someone who will embrace this honesty, no matter how tough it may be.

10. Aries

She wants everything and she wants it now and there is no time to waste. Therefore, their relationship is progressing very quickly.

She likes to feel like she is in control and has the final say in everything. She is very dominant, so she needs someone who is her total opposite to keep the relationship going.

9th bull

A Taurus woman is the epitome of a strong, independent woman, so much so that she almost never turns to a man for help or anything else, making men feel quite useless.

A Taurus woman likes to build things up slowly so as not to throw herself into anything. They don’t appreciate men who they take for granted or try to play games with them – they shrug them off immediately.

She needs a man who will call and text first and really make an effort to be with her. She will reciprocate effort with effort, and cold with cold. She won’t run after anyone.

She has a big heart but always follows her mind and intuition. That’s why nobody can mess with her.

8. Cancer

She has an extremely soft heart that she lets everyone see. She doesn’t hide her feelings and she makes everything pretty clear and precise.

When it’s in, it’s all in. She will do her best for someone who is important to her. She will go above and beyond to make the person feel loved.

The bad thing is that when she loves someone else, she can overdo anything and neglect herself. As a result, her confidence drops and she becomes dependent on the person she is with.

She is so terrified of losing the person she is with that she will suffocate those with exaggerated love affairs, or in some cases jealousy.

A Cancer woman can be the best and worst friend of all time, depending on her ability to control her emotions and not blow them up right away.

7. Leo

She exudes self-confidence and charisma. She is looking for someone with a personality that is as strong as hers, otherwise, they cannot coexist.

She doesn’t like things being served on a tray, so she doesn’t mind if she is being followed or is being followed for it herself. The bad thing about her is that she keeps picking the wrong men.

Players who are full of confidence and charm are their first choice. She then feels like she can handle the game or turn things around so that it is played her own way. But that never works.

Leo women aren’t the worst of friends, they’re pretty good, but they have poor decision-making skills. They tend to chase after men who prefer casual rather than commitments in a relationship.

6. Aquarius

She values ​​her freedom, so she prefers a relationship where she is loved in such a way that she feels free.

She despises boredom and she needs a partner who is a little more dynamic and energetic. She needs to be happy in her relationship and she needs someone who matches her intelligence.

Therefore, her partner will feel that he cannot meet her expectations while she will have the same problem with herself. She will constantly feel like she can do better, act better, and get better.

She needs a partner who will stand by her and increase her self-esteem a bit until she realizes that she is more than good enough and that she needs to work to restore her confidence.

5. Twins

There are two sides to a Gemini woman – one that is bright and open-minded, and the other that is a little more withdrawn and sinister.

She will always place more emphasis on her bright side in a relationship, but she will stick with the man who also accepts her darkness.

Because of this, she’s the most tolerant friend one can have. She never judges or looks down on her partner; She tries her best to understand him and to help him as best she can.

She values ​​loyalty above all else, so if someone leaves her, she will never give them the opportunity to do it again.

4. Capricorn

A Capricorn woman is very dominant, both in life and in a relationship. She always does her best when in a relationship so she expects someone to be able to reciprocate all of that.

For them, the basis of everything is reciprocity. She needs random gestures of affection, a listening ear, and the love and support she gives of herself, or nothing else. Half-way love is not for them.

What is remarkable about her is that she is loyal to the bone and will always defend whoever is important to her, even when they are not there to hear it.

3. Libra

Libra likes balance. They don’t like going to extremes in a relationship. They don’t like things to change quickly and they avoid conflict at all costs. Unfortunately, avoiding conflict is not always a good thing.

They sweep things under the rug instead of dealing with them or talking openly about them. You keep things pent up until they burst and then it’s too late.

They are charming and charismatic, they like to socialize and they will incorporate the person they are with in the better part of their life. Subconsciously, they put themselves in the spotlight and that can easily provoke jealousy in their partner.

However, they get rid of a jealous partner early on because they don’t like being held down or controlled. You need a partner who lets you be free and yourself.

They are sweet, kind, supportive, and loving. The well-being of their partner is more important to them than their own, which is not always good for them.

2. Sagittarius

The only rival a Sagittarius woman has is herself. She will be her own worst critic and judge. However, for that one special person, she will be the exact opposite.

It will cheer them up with every step and make them believe in themselves. She will always think of whoever she is with first and put their needs aside, which is a bad thing for her.

She will always try to look at things from a different perspective and not jump to conclusions, that is why conflicts in the relationship, thanks to her, can be successfully resolved.

She is very passionate, especially with her lover. Boredom is a word that cannot be associated with a Sagittarius woman in any way.

1. Fish

A Pisces woman needs someone to take the first step and go the extra mile to get to her guarded heart. They are naturally shy, so they need someone who doesn’t chase them.

At least at the beginning. They will open up and eventually give up their cover. Once they do that, whoever they are with will realize they have stumbled upon a true treasure.

A Pisces woman is both your best friend and your best lover and therefore a perfect “girlfriend material”. She is someone you can confide in and cuddle with into the night.

She will keep secrets and be a rock for the person she is with. She is strong and supportive. She is a true guardian.

The Worst And Best Partners (Based On Their Zodiac Signs)
The Worst And Best Partners (Based On Their Zodiac Signs)

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