The Zodiac Signs You Should Never Trust

Trust is a very complex issue. As a result of so many disappointments, in fact, more and more people tend not to trust others and try to live in the most discreet way possible, in order not to let the world around them know anything about themselves. Trusting someone, however, is also an innate need that is difficult to deprive yourself of for a long time. So almost every person has at least one person they believe is trustworthy, either because of demonstrations received over the years or because, more simply, they feel they can trust. Unfortunately, the right choices are not always made and many times the very people on whom so much is invested end up disappointing or, even worse, betraying.

Since reliability is an aspect that in some ways is influenced by the stars, today after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that do not repent after cheating and which are the zodiac signs that love their partner more than themselves, we will find out which are the signs that it is better not to trust and which are more than trustworthy. Since it is an aspect also linked to people’s way of being and feeling, it can also be helpful to check the influence of those you want to control to have a more complete picture of the situation.

Horoscope: The zodiac signs which it is better not to trust and those who are trustworthy

Aries – Those who are best only half-trusted
Those born under the sign of Aries are not deliberately false people. Their problem is that to make themselves more credible in the eyes of others, they are often willing to tell a few little lies. For this reason, if you need to find someone you can trust 100% they may not be a perfect choice. In the same way, in fact, they are not exactly ideal confidants as if in a good mood or a little high they can end up telling the hottest secrets heard by those who mistakenly thought of confiding them to them. If you have a very close relationship with them, you can think of revealing something hoping for their sense of friendship. The truth, however, is that it is always better not to trust them completely because they are too instinctive to be able to rely on their silence.

Taurus – The ones you can almost trust
The natives of Taurus are notoriously stable and staid people. This leads them to transmit a sense of trust that pushes everyone to confide in or entrust important secrets to them. The truth is that the only people who can really trust the natives of the sign are relatives or close friends, that is, those who are considered in all respects as an integral part of the family. Although they are basically serious and usually well-intentioned people, in fact, Taurus has the prerogative of always knowing how to put themselves first and this means that in moments of criticality they can easily fulfill promises made or forget to keep some secrets. It is good to keep in mind that since these are borderline cases, it can be said that basically, they are people you can trust.

Gemini – The ones who can only be trusted for a few things
Those born under the sign of Gemini are extremely dual people and, consequently, unpredictable. Their way of leading them to easily change their mind and way of thinking and means that they are not among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. On the other hand, they are also serious people, who care a lot about friendships and who love to keep their promises. Trusting them, therefore, is not entirely impossible but it is something that only works in certain cases. For example, you can count on the fact that they will always try to keep their word and that in case of confidence they will do everything to not disclose them to third parties. For the rest, however, some expectations could be disregarded.

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Cancer – Those Who Can Be Trusted Almost Always
Cancer natives are sincere and loyal people, and although they are also touchy and self-centered, they value the people they hold dear. For this reason, when they make a promise it is common for them to respect it and if confidence is given to them they will undertake not to talk about it, respecting the bond of secrecy. You can therefore tend to trust them as long as you take into account the fact that, being touchy and highly susceptible, what has been said only applies to relationships that they consider valid and safe. If they find themselves in the middle of an argument or if for any reason they decide that the relationship is no longer worthy of their attention, their behavior can change to the point of becoming unreliable.

Leo – Those who are best never fully trusted
Those born under the sign of Leo are extremely self-absorbed people. This means that the only person to whom they feel they have duties are them and, with the necessary limitations, companions, relatives, and friends. This does not mean that they cannot be trusted but that it is better not to do it blindly. If they find themselves having to choose between themselves and others, in fact, they will not have any scruple in putting themselves first, even if this means having to betray the trust placed in them, something for which they will always have a justification both with themselves. then for others. An aspect that becomes more extreme if work-related situations come into play, an area for which the natives of the sign are ready for anything.

Virgo – Those Who Can Be
Trusted Virgo natives are always serious, especially when it comes to promises or confidences. Although they are not very extroverted in this regard when they promise something they go out of their way to keep it. Likewise, they are extremely serious about accepting confidences that they will keep to themselves at any cost. For them, trust is in fact an important topic and to which they care in a particular way. This translates into high expectations of those they consider friends and a great commitment to show that they can always be trusted. For this reason, they are fully among the most reliable signs of the zodiac of all.

The Zodiac Signs You Should Never Trust

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